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Year 9 Options


We're really excited to announce that the Year 9 options process for 2021-2022 is now live. For more information, please watch the following presentation delivered by Mr Mallard:



  • What do we mean? (1 minute 9 seconds)
  • What are the different qualification types? (2 minutes 16 seconds)
  • What is the timeframe for this process? (5 minutes 22 seconds)
  • What options are available? (7 minutes 57 seconds)
  • What are recommendations? (10 minutes 32 seconds)
  • What is the English Baccalaureate? (12 minutes 4 seconds)
  • How can I make the best decision? (13 minutes 34 seconds)
  • Who should I contact? (16 minutes 59 seconds)
To access this year's Y9 Options Information Booklet, please click here. 

Key Dates

  • Monday 10th January: Options Information Presentation; Options Assembly; Options Letters.
  • Monday 17th January to Friday 4th February: SLT Consultations. 
  • Monday 24th January: Q&A with Colchester Institute
  • Wednesday 16th February: Parents' Evening
  • Monday 28th February: Option Choice Deadline

Please note that the form students will be using to select their options will not be released until later this half term.