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East Bergholt

Year 11 Support

Post-16 Information
As part of supporting year 11 through their post-16 applications, all students have received an information booklet. Parents and carers have also received a separate information booklet to help guide their son/daughter through the process. You can find a seperate information booklet here.

We would normally hold a Parent information evening to go through the post-16 process in more detail. This year, the information is having to be delivered virtually. However, you will find below a video and presentation, where Mr Mallard gives a detailed overview of this process. The accompanying presentation can be found here.




Mock Examinations Timetable

All students and parents will have access to the Mock Examinations Timetable by clicking here. The mock examinations start Monday 15th November and run for 2 school weeks. These are designed to give students another opportunity to sit formal examinations, in a way that will reflect how currently, their real GCSEs will look and feel. 

Following the mock examinations, students will receive feedback on their strengths and areas for improvement in order to focus revision, as well as enable staff to further support students with revision sessions.