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This is an exciting and relevant specification which allows students the opportunity to study Sociology at GCSE through the lens of families, education, crime and stratification. Students are able to consider their own role within society and consider issues, inequalities and ways these problems are addressed to improve social conditions for UK citizens drawing on current affairs and statistics from social research. The topic of families explores the changing family model and how families function within society. The roles and different responsibilities for parents and the role of children within the family unit. Education explores how and why schools are structured as they are and what skills society needs young people to gain from school.The topic of crime looks at the causes of crime and how society attempts to manage crime, patterns of behaviour and treatment of different groups of society within the justice system.

Stratification tries to uncover the level of inequality within society and explain how and why some succeed and others do not. Life chances, class and wealth are explored to find reasons for stratification and consider effective methods to close gaps between rich and poor, different ethnicities, gender and age. Students will be taught the content of the four units alongside sociological research methods in a variety of ways designed to cover different learning styles and keep lessons engaging.

The use of PowerPoint, worksheets, discussion and debate, a new textbook to support the specification, a mixture of teacher led and group student activity and relevant documentaries, news articles and current statistics will be incorporated into lessons to develop students knowledge and understanding of Sociology.

There is no coursework for this subject, examination is 100% of the final grade. Students are assessed with two exams lasting 1 hour 45 minutes each. Paper 1: Sociology of Families and Education 50% 1 hr 45 minutes. Paper 2: Sociology of Crime and Deviance and Social Stratification 50% 1hr45 minutes.

Further information can be obtained from: AQA Sociology Website 




  • Mrs A. Austen Subject Leader - Sociology and B&E
  • Miss L. Humbles - Teacher of Sociology and B&E