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Child Protection

East Bergholt High School is committed to providing a secure and safe environment for all of our students. Our Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy aims to ensure that:

  • All of our students are safe and protected from harm.
  • There are a range of Policies and Procedures in place that will allow our students to feel safe and to adopt safe practices.
  • All staff, students, parents, Governors, volunteers and visitors understand the expectations of the School relating to Safeguarding and their responsibilities in ensuring that our students are kept safe.
  • There is a clear understanding on the part of staff of what signs they need to be aware of when working with students in any capacity whilst involved in School related activities 

East Bergholt High School recognises that it has clear responsibilities towards its students in terms of their welfare and well-being. Therefore, Safeguarding is seen as being the responsibility of all who work within and with the School in order to ensure that students are able to achieve in a safe and secure environment. Students at East Bergholt High School have the right to be heard if they raise Safeguarding concerns and to be confident that their concerns will be responded to in the appropriate way. To support the School in its work, we shall work in partnership with outside agencies and with parents and carers to provide students with a curriculum that allows them to develop fully in a protective environment.

If you have any safeguarding concerns, please do not hesitate to contact one of the people listed below. 

Key Staff Contacts:

Designated Safeguarding Lead - Mr G. Hetherington

Assistant Safeguarding Lead - Miss A. Harvey, 

Assistant Safeguarding officers: -

Mrs V. Robinson, Mrs J. Kennell, & Mrs E. Barnes.


The latest version of  Keeping Children Safe in Education can be found on the Department for Education website here.


The Prevent Strategy

The PREVENT duty

As of July 2015, the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act (HMG, 2015) placed a new duty on schools and other education providers.  Under section 26 of the Act, schools are required, in the exercise of their functions, to have “due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism”. This duty is known as the Prevent duty.

The purpose of the PREVENT Strategy is to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting violent extremism in all its forms. The strategy has three objectives, one of which is to prevent people from being drawn into extremism and ensure they are given appropriate advice and support. At East Bergholt High School we shall follow the procedures as set out in the document, ‘The Prevent duty’ (DfE June 2015).

Please click on this link to see the Prevent Strategy document from Central Government.


The following websites are there to help support Parents/Carers and Young people


Suffolk Young Carers - https://suffolkfamilycarers.org/

Essex Young Carers - https://youth.essex.gov.uk/  - please use the Young People tab for information about Young Carers

4YP https://www.4yp.org.uk/

Barnados https://b.barnardos.org.uk/essex-invisible-lives

BEAT https://www.beateatingdisorders.org.uk/

MIND https://www.mind.org.uk/

Wellbeing Hub https://www.suffolk.gov.uk/children-families-and-learning/suffolk-children-and-young-peoples-emotional-wellbeing-hub/

YES https://www.yesyouthenquiryservice.org/

Outreach Youth https://outreachyouth.org.uk/