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Teachers are using Google Classroom to deliver content during the school closure period.  Students should ensure they are a member of each of their subject classrooms and can interact with teachers using this platform.

To join a Google Classroom, students require the relevant class code, which are available at the foot of the page here.

It has been pleasing to see how many students have accessed their Google Classrooms and how they are finding the experience of remote learning: The majority of students are working between 2-4 hours per day, with KS4 students spending the most amount of time on their studies. Thank you for supporting your child with this. We know that you know your child better than anyone and are thankful to you for establishing routines and also knowing when those routines need to be relaxed in order for everyone at home to benefit.

There will be plenty of online learning opportunities and we will add links to the bottom of this page as soon as we are made aware of them.  Most recently the Government has promoted the Oak Academy and daily lessons provided by BBC Bitesize.



My child doesn’t always have internet access. 

Please don’t worry if your child cannot always get online to access their Google Classrooms. We recognise that students may be sharing devices with other siblings and parents who are home working. Your child mustn’t worry about missed deadlines or not being able to view or complete work in their normal lesson time. Staff are juggling their home lives themselves and will be understanding. It is fine for your child to occupy themselves with a book or any other resources that they may have at home.


How do I know if my child hasn’t accessed their work? 

Staff will send a notification out via the Go4Schools app if it appears that your child hasn’t accessed their work this week. This is not a negative point - we recognise that there may be reasons for this and is purely for information and so that we can keep track and continue to review our working practices. It is also fine for your child to access their work at a different time to their scheduled lesson time.


My child has contacted their teacher on Google Classroom but had to wait for a response. 

We have many staff who are parents themselves or who are looking after family members. Where they are able to, staff will be online during your child’s timetabled lesson time but this isn’t always possible. Please be patient and staff will respond as and when they can. Sometimes links and resources on Google Classroom don’t work. Most importantly, please don’t let this cause any stress or anxiety at home. Your child might want to message some classmates for help or it is fine to move on to something else.


Why can’t teachers live teach? 

Due to family commitments, not all of our staff can be available during their timetabled lesson times for live teaching. Currently, South Suffolk Learning Trust are not using live teaching methods although some of our teachers are using devices as they would use visualisers in their classrooms and are uploading these to their Google Classrooms as video ‘talkthroughs’ for students.


How is my child getting feedback from their teachers?

This is dependent on the task and the platform used. Sites such as Seneca and MyMaths provide instant feedback from questions answered which is then monitored by the teacher and the student will be contacted if there are any concerns. Assignments set on Google classroom are responded to by the teacher. Students won’t receive feedback every ‘lesson’ as assignments may not be posted every time - in some lessons students may be working on class notes, reading or revision. Students will not receive any negative points for not completing work, only a Google Classroom reminder notification if it is appropriate.


I don’t understand my child’s work

This happens to everyone! Please don’t worry about this. Your child can always message their teacher through the Google Classroom or could message their classmates as a way to stay in touch. Please don’t let this cause any stress or anxiety at home.


Should Year 11 students still be working?

Teachers of Year 11 are setting work for their classes in order to provide some structure and continuous learning for students in what is an anxious time for them. Year 11 students have been emailed a list of suggested pre A-Level tasks from our colleagues at Wymondham College. The list can also be found on our website here. Other Post-16 providers are also in the process of putting similar packs together and we will share these with students as they become available to us. If students feel that they may not be awarded a grade 4 for English and/or maths, it is particularly important that they engage with these subjects.


I am worried about my child’s mental health

This is a very unsettling time for young people and many parents commented on how difficult their child was finding it to not see their friends face to face, although it is pleasing to hear that so many students are keeping in touch online. We will be keeping parents in the loop with mental health support from agencies and charities through the weekly Bergholt Bulletin. 


Your child will have received an invitation to join the EBHS community classroom where we will be posting mental health resources, chat topics and competitions to keep our community together. If your child has not yet joined the code is: zkqhvkv .


Useful links

Please click on the links below to find more information.

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 The Google classroom codes can be found at the foot of the revision page here.