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East Bergholt

Faculty of Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages represents a significant part of the curriculum at East Bergholt High School and is a popular option at Key Stage 4.  In addition to giving students the necessary foundation in linguistic and literacy skills, the Modern Foreign Languages Department offers a large range of opportunities to widen the experience and understanding of other cultures in class and outside the classroom.

The variety of trips on offer gives students the opportunity to apply their linguistic knowledge and discover cultural particularities.  Most Year 8 students participate in a day trip to Saint Omer every summer; in Year 9, students can take part in an exchange with our German partner school; Year 10 students are invited to attend a four-day residential trip to Paris, giving them the experience of a lifetime.Besides trips, many other occasions are available throughout the year to create interest and engagement in Languages including Languages clubs, theatre plays and competitions.


Key Stage Three 
The KS3 French and German courses are designed for students with or without prior knowledge, in contexts relevant to young people.  They aim to enable students to communicate successfully in the foreign language in practical situations, to learn about the culture, customs and daily life of French/German speaking countries.  The courses also encourage a positive attitude towards foreign language learning. 

The four language skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) are developed and practiced through a variety of engaging activities, regularly using authentic materials and new technology.  Students also have the opportunity to apply and develop their knowledge and skills by taking part in extra-curricular activities such as trips, exchanges and clubs.

In Year 7, students learn either French or German in Year 8 and all students will continue with their Year 7 language but will also learn a second language, either French or German. In Year 9 students choose one language to study in preparation for their GCSE exams.



  • Mrs Broomfield - Subject Leader
  • Miss De Cillia, Teacher - Teacher of MFL
  • Mrs Chapman Roberts - Teacher of MFL and SenCo
  • Mrs Gingell-Good - Teacher of MFL
  • Mrs Sage - Teacher of MFL

Resources website links (revision sites, exam board site etc.)

MFL audio files- Please use your Purple Workbook and complete all the listening tasks:

BBC bitesize French: Reading and listening only.
Linguascope (3 levels: elementary, beginner, intermediate)
Podcast Francais Facile
Languaes on line
BBC languages

AQA - GCSE exam board

Revision guides, key texts etc.
Oxford Learner's French Dictionary - ISBN 978-0-19-912745-0
Oxford Learner's German Dictionary - ISBN 978-0-19-912747-4
The Key Stage Three French Study guide by CGP - ISBN 978 1 84146 830 3
The Key Stage Three German Study guide by CGP - ISBN 978 1 84146 840 2
GCSE French Vocab book + Vocab Tester CD by CGP - Ref: FHIC41U and FHIC41C
GCSE GermanVocab book + Vocab Tester CD by CGP - Ref: DHIC41U and DHIC41C
GCSE French - The Revision Guide by CGP - ISBN 978 1 84762 283 9
GCSE German - The Revision Guide by CGP - ISBN 978 1 84762 294 5