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East Bergholt

Lunch Menu

Healthy Eating is really important to us. There is a correlation between eating healthily and school performance. Our lunches are provided by Vertas Ltd

Vertas gives careful regard to providing a range of nutritionally balanced meals which are cooked on the premises. A separate 'Snack Shack' also run by Vertas is also available.

Vive is the 11-18 educational catering brand offered by Vertas . For full details of the menu offered at the School, together with nutrition and allergen information is  available here.

Drinking water and bottled water is available throughout the day. We request that packed lunches for students are also nutritionally balanced. Provision is also made for students bringing packed lunches.

In certain circumstances students are entitled to receive free meals. Details about who is eligible for free school meals, and how to apply for them can be found here. Once completed, the application forms for free school meals should be returned to the School Office.

The School has a cashless catering system. Parents are able to make advance on-line payments for foods selected by students.

Students are expected to remain on the school site during the lunchtime break.