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History is a popular subject at EBHS with large numbers of students choosing to study the subject at GCSE, and many going on to study the subject at A-level. The department are committed to using a wide range of teaching strategies, using both teacher-directed activities and student-centred approaches. We insist on high standards of behaviour and work, and encourage all students to make the fullest use of their ability.


Key Stage Three

  • Year 7 - Medieval Realms, Tudors and Stuarts. 

    • Year 8 - Cultural encounters, the transatlantic slave trade, struggles for civil rights, Britain 1750-1900, colonialism and the British Empire, votes for women.

    • Year 9 – The First World War, Second World War, the Holocaust, the British sector of the Western Front (1914-1918): injuries, treatment and the trenches (GCSE unit).


Key Stage Four

Students in Years 10 and 11 will follow the Edexcel History syllabus with the chosen units of study being:

  • Medicine in Britain 1250-present.

  • The British sector of the Western Front (1914-1918) : injuries, treatment and the trenches.

  • Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918-1939.

  • Early Elizabethan England 1558 – 88.

  • The American West 1835 – 1895.

All groups are taught in mixed ability groups.


Staff and Responsibilities

  • Mr S. Haygreen  Subject Leader
  • Mr B. Peirson Teacher of History
  • Mrs H. Spurling Teacher of History & Literacy Co-ordinator

The Department is a friendly, open and close-knit one, operating in a mutually supportive atmosphere. We pride ourselves on our professional approach to our work and we are committed to making History a challenging, enjoyable and interesting subject for all students to study.