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East Bergholt


Drama at East Bergholt High School is taught throughout Key Stage 3 and offered as an
option at Key Stage 4.  It is an opportunity to investigate, to reflect, to create and to express. 
The ethos of the department is one of participation and exploration; students quickly become
used to a pattern of creating, sharing, reflecting on and refining work in which everyone is

Key Stage 3

Lessons throughout Key Stage 3 provide students with a safe environment in which to
develop their confidence and communication skills; to hone their ability to work effectively
with others; to work independently.
Drama allows students to find interesting stories and to tell interesting stories; stories that
invite us to reflect on and learn about ourselves, others and our place in the world; whilst
considering the language of theatre; its role and its purpose.

Key Stage 4 - Examination board Eduqas

Drama GCSE is available at Key Stage 4.  Students are currently assessed over
three Components which we complete in Year 11. 
The GCSE Drama course provides students with opportunities to develop and apply
their creative and intellectual understanding of Drama and Theatre. Learners are
given the opportunity to explore Drama and Theatre as actors, designers and
directors, building a wide range of key skills throughout their study. Through practical
work students will be investigating the work of playwrights and theatre practitioners
as well as creating their own work for performance.
Students are assessed on the creation and development of ideas to communicate
meaning for theatrical performance; the application of theatrical skills to realise
artistic intentions in live performance; the demonstration of knowledge and
understanding of how drama and theatre is developed and performed and the analysis
and evaluation their own work and the work of others. Link to Eduqas website is here.


There is a great deal of curricular and extra-curricular performing arts work going on across
the school (whole school productions; clubs; workshops and projects within and beyond the
curriculum), and the department enjoys excellent collaborative relationships with other
curriculum areas and pastoral teams.  Innovation by and development of the department is
supported by the Senior Leadership Team.


Ms A. Aylett Leader of Creative Arts & Teacher of Drama.
Mrs B. Baldwin Teacher of Drama