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Careers and Post 16

Career Guidance at East Bergholt High School

The careers advisor is in school every Monday and they work with students to offer one to one careers guidance interviews, group work and presentations. The aim is to help students explore the range of opportunities available to them and assist students in identifying the best route for them to take. The advisor works with Year 8 and 9 students preparing to make their GCSE options through to Year 10 and 11 preparing for their next steps after leaving school.

The advisor works with students to look at College routes, Sixth Form and Apprenticeship routes as well as future career planning and exploring University. Throughout this work we are referring back to the world of work, the current employment trends and encouraging careers research.

Please click here to visit How 2 Become which provides detailed sourcing and recruitment processes to support students to secure their dream job i.e. pilot, train driver, police officer, paramedic, or fire fighter etc.

Links to careers and work related learning resources to support the face to face impartial careers guidance available to all students are below : 

National Careers Service

New Kudos


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Measuring the Impact

Information on how we measure the impact of our post-16 provision can be found below.

Post 16 Information Evening

Information on our Post 16 Information Evening can be found be found below.