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Belief and Ethics


The B&E department is the old RE department.  We recognise that we all have many and differing beliefs and that’s what makes us diverse and interesting.  We study the beliefs of the six main world religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  We also study Humanism and non- religious world views, and alternative spiritual systems such as yoga, Stoicism, myths and mindfulness.  

Ethics is at the heart of what we do.  Through our study of others beliefs we work together to make moral choices and reflect on how we can become the best versions of ourselves.  


Through the practice of discussion and debate we aim to challenge our world view and develop empathy and compassion for those who are different to us.  We believe in the importance of having an opinion and understanding how opinions can affect people’s behaviour. 


Religious Education is a statutory requirement for all students up until the end of Key Stage 4.  We offer a full course GCSE in Religious Studies for students interested in taking their studies beyond Key Stage 3 where religious, moral and ethical issues can be examined in more detail.  


The B&E department offers all students the opportunity to go to Krakow, Poland in Year 10 and visit Auschwitz.  We also expose students to religious places of worship and key speakers to enrich and enhance their understanding of the topic.  

Key Stage Three

Year 7 - What do I believe?  The Island: a philosophical experience on starting a new society.  Examination of the six major world religions.

Year 8 - Islam, Religion in Practice, Science vs Religion, Ethics, with reference to world religions. 

Year 9 - Humanism, Suffering, Spirituality, Myths and Justice with reference to world religions. 


Key Stage Four

Our GCSE examination board is Eduqas Religious Studies Route A - Component 3 is Buddhism A link to the GCSE specification can be found here.

Year 10 - Relationships, Life and Death, Good and Evil, Human Rights from a non religious and Christian Perspective

Year 11 -  Christianity; the beliefs and practices, Buddhism; the beliefs and practices. 




  • Mrs A. Austen Subject Leader - Sociology and B&E
  • Miss L. Humbles - Teacher of Sociology and B&E